Thursday, November 8, 2012


Time continues to fly.  Days are getting quickly filled up with rehearsals and school work.  It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas…actually not at all with the weather and all, so I have to keep reminding myself of the facts.  My Christmas concert is in 5 weeks, so yesterday we started working on props and costumes—a much simpler process than last year!  Last week we had auditions for our Spring Musical, Cinderella.  I am excited to get started on that! J Needless to say, we are making schedule after schedule and hoping that it all somehow fits together.  The life of a music teacher, eh?
These past couple of weeks I have started thinking about decisions that are coming up in my life once again, having to do with where I will be in the coming year or two.  The process always seems so complicated—in any decision.  And it’s so easy to get caught up in it—so easy to worry.  But I have to remember the way God has directed my decisions so far in my life.  And the fact that my worrying does no good at all, and that He will provide in the exact moment that I need it (whatever it is).  My perceived timing needs are so wrong sometimes…and sometimes He is just waiting for me to remember to ask.  A few months ago I was walking home from school.  I am pretty much exhausted by the time I leave school, so I was walking along, past all these people and thought “Why do You have me here among all these people that I will never get the chance to invest in or even just get to know?”  And as I turned the corner, I heard “Sister, sister!” and a group of 4 girls were trying to catch up to me.  So we talked as we walked the rest of the way home and it was great.  And things like that happen over and over again.  Why do I even think about it when I know better?  Sometimes it’s just habit I think—what a crazy habit!  So yes.  Take it as it comes, God's got it under control.