Sunday, October 7, 2012

A few quick pictures

View out my bedroom window.  We live next a dump/recycling place.  The contrast is hard to wrap my head around sometimes.

Our kitchen area.  So thankful for the lovely space.

Entrance/living room area.

 Buddhist shrine right outside out door.

 Little fruit/vegetable stand right across the street.  They pop up everywhere.

My street.  We are very fortunate that it doesn't flood.

 People spend their days outside in the open for the most part.  Life is public.

Little bananas. The fruit is great!

Me in my moto-helmet.  I carry it around with me when I go out.

Just a few pictures to help visualize a bit.  :)
Come visit anytime!

Please pray for Cambodia this week, there is a tropical storm coming through and people in the provinces are worried about flooding.  Last year we had bad floods and many lost their houses, their ricefields and livelihoods.  They can't afford to have that happen again.

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