Saturday, July 27, 2013


Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your patience with me and for supporting me and loving me over the past 2 years!  I am sitting here trying to figure out how to update you on what has happened in the past… 4 monhs?  Definitely not me getting better at blogging. J

Let’s work backwards.  Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop in Akron, Ohio.  I’ve been in the States for a month now staying with my grandparents, visiting friends, trying to get things sorted for the next part of life.  Some of you know I am now an aunt, and I got to meet my beautiful niece Saphira Grace since I’ve been here. J Before flying to the States I spent a week in Hungary with the rest of my family—it has been such a blessing to get to see them more than once this year!  And before that I was finishing up the school year at Hope in Phnom Penh.  Time continues, life is happening, but the last few months seem very incoherent.

I hope that most of you have already heard that I finished my job in Cambodia in June and am moving to teach at an international school in China.  I am now just waiting for my paperwork to be processed so I can get my visa and get there as close as possible to the start of the school year.  If you could join with me in praying for this process with timeliness and complications, that would be great! 
Here are some pictures from my last week in Cambodia.

 My beautiful 10SL pastoral group. I will miss them so much!
Our amazing tuk-tuk driver.

Working will never be the same without Youjin and James- love you guys!

My last music classes.

Time with the wonderful housemates.

I left my classroom more organized than it ever had been.  Part of trying to end well. J
Leaving my home for the past two years was not an easy decision, and though I know it was right, I still feel guilty about it and am working through some of that.  It broke my heart to leave my students and I have yet to fully understand the finality of the move.  Starting from nothing again in a new place seems a little crazy, but I truly love teaching these students and believe that this is what He is calling me to.  I also know that God will continue to provide and be the constant in my life.  I am finally starting to get excited for this new adventure in China and am looking forward to getting started and meeting my kids. J

Similar to my school in Cambodia, I will be paid enough to live on but need to raise some support for extra expenses.  If you would be interested in supporting me financially either with a one-time gift or monthly, please let me know.  I am serving with Oasis International Schools and my project number is 003759.  You can use this link to donate .  Thank you!

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